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Application Builder

Through configuration, users can quickly create applications based on needs. In general, an application includes several pages, and each page usually includes various user-defined resources, such as forms, charts, tasks, plans, HTML pages, and so on. Application builder lets users connect different resources together easily.

Currently CubeDrive supports the following type of resources

Create application

To create a new application, click the + Create application -> Create application button after you login system.

Tip: Before you start to create an application, you need to create a list of related resources, such as form, plan, task, HTML, etc.

Create application page

An application is built with a couple of pages, each page includes a list of resources. Click the "Create page" button to start building a new page.

User can define the following page information:

And each page can have a list of layouts as customer needed.


After an application is created, the user can share it with other users and organizations.