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Form Builder

Cubedrive form builder helps the customer to create forms easily with the drag and drop method. It is easy to get your forms up and running in no time; no programming is required. Customers can create the application flow and apply the business logic after the form is created.

There have three options to create a form:

Create from scratch

To create a new form application, click the + Create application / New Form button after you login system.

Cubedrive supports a list of field types. Drag the field, drop it into the center panel and configure it, a field is generated in the form. Currently the following field data types are supported.

Create from the uploaded PDF file

Click + New application button to create app, click PDF design mode button to upload pdf and drag field to pdf.

Create from Json data

Click "+ Create Application" -> "From Json" button, customers can paste the copied form JSON data and generate a new form. This gives users a quick way to generate a form/flow from the existing form/flow. Customers can get a form JSON data from the Form Setting window.