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Application workflow

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Application workflow is used to automate the business process and add customer's data-driven decisions to the application.


CubeDrive application workflow includes the following four parts

Start/End event

An event is something that occurs during the course of a process. These events have a cause or an impact on the implementation of a process and usually require or permit an action.

By default, Cubedrive comes with Start Event and End Events.

Start event simply starts the workflow of the process and End event terminates the workflow of a process.

Decision point

Decision Point is an element used to control how the flow among different elements of the design interact.

This means they act like a mechanism that controls, defines and regulates flows based on the evaluation of criteria.

For example: in the Vacation Request use case, if the manager approves employee's request (criteria), it will then trigger the next task such as email notify the employee of the decision.


An action/task is a logical group of sequential steps, sharing a common goal.

Action/Task are intended to model processes that are technically executable. Currently, CubeDrive supports the following actions/tasks:


Connector is essentially used to connect two elements together.

To create such path between two elements is very simple. Mouse over on the one element and pressed and drag the point to the other element.