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Email notification

Email notification is one of the most important flow actions. It can be used in the data confirmation, manager approval, 3rd-party notification etc.

Configure email address

Drag and drop the action element into the flow panel, users can select "Email notification" from action and add email information. System provides the following ways for users to enter/select email address:

Tip: User can combine different ways together and select multiple email address.

Configure email content

Email notification allows user to setup the email title, content and footer.

Tip: User can use the form field id to show dynamic data, such as: ${u6435}.

Setup email link

Email notification can also attach row data into email body. From the link, user can edit/view form data.

Tip: Form field can be configured as visible or editable.

Embed approval and custom action button

Email body can also embed the approval button, and it also can setup custom action button as needed.

Tip: Only single select form field, approval component are allowed as the embedded buttons.

Re-submit data

Resubmit button can be embedded in the email body which allows user to re-submit data as needed.

More setting

User can setup more setting as needed