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Application Flow Actions

Keywords: Data transfer; Flow Actions;

Flow action defines the data transfer process, such as: email notification, reset permision; update form data etc.

CubeDrive supports the following flow actions

Reset form data permission

CubeDrive allows customers to reset data permission under their pre-defined rules. For example, form data record can be reset as read only after it is approved.

Update form data

CubeDrive provides a way for user to update form field based on some conditions.

Push form data to the other form

Form data record can be pushed to the other form. CubeDrive provides a way for user to process this kind of data transfer.

Please select the form which will be processed data transfer. You can drag and drop to map the fields and system will auto insert data into another form once it is triggered.

Call message API

System can call message API to inject message into system.

You can ask system administrator to add your form to the list first. Only approved form is allowed to call message API.