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Types of flow

User can create the following types of flow as needed.

Tip: user need choose one of the flow types before they can create the flow.

Record-Triggered flow

A record-triggered auto-launched flow makes additional updates to the triggering record before it’s saved to the database. You can trigger the Flow when.

Schedule-Triggered flow

Schedule-Triggered Flow can be run for a batch of records if the object and the filter conditions are specified. You build the flow as if it is for one record, but it will run for all the records that match the criteria.

Schedule an autolaunched flow to start at a specific time and set it to run once, daily, or weekly. To have the scheduled flow run for a batch of records, specify the object and the filter conditions that each record must meet.

Tip: System administrator can also detect the running scheduled flow in the admin console page.

Screen flow

A Screen Flow is called through a button or action, or displayed in the form or the Utility Bar, and appears as a screen to the user to interact with. This cannot be automatically called.

Tip: user can create a screen flow and bind it to the form. From the form record contextmenu, user will be able to find the link and trigger it manually.