Form Setting   ->   Calendar view

Calendar View

If you have at least one date field in your table, you can create a calendar view. Calendar views (as you might guess) allow you to look at your records on a calendar. Currently CubeDrive supports the following calendar format.

Create calendar View

In the form setting, user can select "Calendar view setting" to configure the calendar view.

User can select the field as calendar title, pickup the start/end date and a list of other setting.

Calendar view

Once the setup is done, user can see calendar view when you open the form.

Tip: User can also set the status of calendar. Once selected, the status color will be shown on the calendar.

Here comes the month all day format.

Tip: User can setup the default calendar view format.

Export as Excel

Calendar view can also be exported as Excel format. Click "Export" icon on the top-right corner, an Excel file will be generated.