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Organization management

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CubeDrive organization is an entity for customers to create organization, manage members, post message, set the permission and share files. It is a tree structure component.

Create a root organization

You need to apply to create a root organization by click the "Add" button on the top. Once your organization is approved, you will be able to add members, post messages and create sub-organizations.

Add member

Click "Add member" button, a popup window appears. You need to enter the new member email address and click Enter key when finish type. Fill the form and a notification will be sent to the member.

Click the "Role" button, you can also change member role in the organization. Only administrator role can process this action.

Share files

You can also share files to the organization in the File tab.

Post messages

You can post a message with attachments to the organization. At the same time, the message can also be emailed to the organization member.

Create sub organization

For sub-organization, you can edit and change the setting in the setting tab. You can reset the permission by ticking "Allow general user view this sub organization information which s/he is not assigned". It will give organization members the different access permission.