Application management

Keywords: The data is collected in your way and transfered in your logic without code.

CubeDrive allows customers to generate forms dynamically utilizing the drag and drop method, without coding. User can generate workflow to automate the business process and add data-driven decisions to the application. It includes:

Hello world

In this section, we will lead you into the world of CubeDrive by taking you through the three basic steps required to get a simple application running. To create Hello World application, click the + New Application button after you login system.

Click "Create a standard form" button, you can enter form name and start to build this form. You can drag the field from left panel and drop it into the center panel in the form builder.

Click "Save & Publish" button, the form is ready to use.

Create Hello World flow

Following the steps, you will be able to create flow now.

You can also click the flow icon in the form title bar to build the flow. Drag and drop the notation from the left panel, configure the email notification and enter the information, the flow is attached to this form now.

Share form to the organization

You can follow the steps to share form to the organization. You can also click share icon in the form title bar and share the form.

Start to use

Hello World application is ready to use now. Once end user submits a record, an email will be sent out which was defined in the flow.

The following figure lists the example email.

Hello World demo

Click link Hello World to start using this application.