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System requirements

You need to have a dedicated server with the following requirements to run CubeDrive system. Please check them before you process the installation. In general, what you need is a Linux server with Java, MySQL, MongoDB and Apache Tomcat installed. You can also try to run system in your local window system for a test purpose.


Since hardware technology evolves at such rapid pace, only the minimum requirements will be specified for satisfactory performance.

Name Description
CPU Intel Xeon Quad Core or better.
Memory 16GB memory is recommended to install CubeDrive applications. (Preference 32 GB if you have more than 1000 accounts).
Storage 1000GB SCSI drives is recommended. But this will depend on the size of your upload files.
Network Interface 100Mbps Connection
Bandwidth unlimited

Enterprise distributed solution Vs Single platform solution

CubeDrive can be installed in the customer server and run behind the organization firewall. Customer can select one of the following solution based on their needs.

Enterprise distributed solution
Required servers 3 or 5 servers with Ubuntu 20.04 64bit server with 4 cores and 16G memory.
Instances Multiple instances running at the same time with independent file system.
Support users More than 1000 users and need system running 7*24

Single platform solution
Required servers 1 server with Ubuntu 20.04 64bit server with 4 cores and 16G memory.
Instances 1 instance with all data in one server.
Support users Less than 1000 users and customer allows system to stop 10-20 minutes during the specific updating time.


Here lists mainly 3rd-party software needed for the system.

Name Description
Operating System Ubuntu system 20.04
Java Version JDK 1.8.* +
Web application Server Apache Tomcat 8 +
HTTP server Nginx
Database server MySQL 5.7.*
MongoDB 3.4.*

Newer versions of both the Operating System and the Java Components may be compatible but have yet to be fully tested.

SMTP relay service

For better services, SMTP relay service is used for email sending in CubeDrive.

An SMTP relay service (also referred to as an SMTP provider) is a service that helps a sender deliver transactional and bulk email, by routing the email through a trusted 3rd party. The SMTP relay service provides all of the underlying technology and expertise to help businesses deliver email over SMTP.