Build application
in your own way

Purchase approval

Approve purchase processes
based on different rules

Excel to application

Build customer online
application from Excel

CAS project management

Distributed and summary
project process management

Shareholder application

An application for process
shareholder agreement

Invoice management

Manage customer's invoice
online and print

Waiver application

An application for declare
waiver and release of liability

Receipt reimbursement

Quick process for employees
to submit a receipt reimbursement

Product sale analysis

Analyze daily
product sale results

Reserve fund study

Help an engineer
quickly prepare RFS online

Investment mgr.

Manage your investment
in one diagram

Property tracker

Track the property
information in your way

Lease tracker

Track lease, tenants etc
and put all data in one place

Lab data management

Take control of
your lab data in one place

Sample test project

Manage all the sample
test data in one place

Specimen preparation

Define the specimen
prepare process

XRD result

XRD test result
related to sample

Program project

Keep all of your programs
data in one place

Volunteer project

Manage volunteer information
in one place


Create nonprofit program
with approval function

Grant Tracker

Organize your grant application
and track the process

Class management

Manage all student information
in one place

Student enrollment

An application for students
to submit information

Submit homework

Application to submit homework
and receive grades in real time


An application for student
to signup

CRM opportunity

Track the contact information
in the sales process

Sales stage

See details through
all stages of the sales

Customer satisfication

Let customer fill
the satisfication form online

Travel approval

Manager quick approves
the employee travel reqirement