Business Process to Build Online Application

1: Create Form

Drag and drop to create form
Input data or import data to the form

2: Add Workflow

Drag and drop to create workflow
Apply business logic into your APP

3: Share Organization

Share to the organization, data filter
Track the process, review and approve

4: Data Analysis

Analyze trends and bottlenecks
Measure your data in details

Customer Data BI Solution

Low cost to build

Drag and drop to build online APP
80% reduce cost, 200% faster
Suitable for different organizations

Help more productive

Fast to build APP
Easy to update the existing APP
Meet company different requirements

Efficiently manage data

Product and data visualization
Tracking and managing enterprise data
Help company make better decision

Multiple devices support

Any device, anytime, anywhere
Running on the customer server
100% secure customer's data

Enterprise Private Cloud

Download, install and run CubeDrive on your server

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Enterprise Cloud

Organize and share data on your CubeDrive server

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EnterpriseSheet Integrate Solution

EnterpriseSheet provides an integrate solution to build your business' online spreadsheet. It brings a business intelligence solution for your raw data in a secure way.

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