Accelerate work and unlock potential with the No-code and AI Business Solution that connects business data, workflows, and teams on the customer's own hardware.

Create Enterprise solutions that mirror your business

1: Create Application

Drag and drop to create application,
Apply business logic your way.

2: Build work flow

Apply your business logic
based on business needed.

3: Share

Share to the organization and user,
track the process, review, and approve.

4: Data Analysis with AI

Analyze trends and bottlenecks with AI.
Measure your data in full detail.

Enterprise AI Solution for tabular data

CubeDrive supports the AI-Powered Enterprise Solution for the organizations tabular data. It enables businesses to better understand, engage with, and respond to customer needs with their dataset at an affordable cost.

Quickly Build Custom Application

Handling your business with logic has never been so easy and efficient. Create an application, drag and drop to add the fields, define custom data workflow, share to the organization, and the application is ready to be used. The data is collected however you like, and transferred into your logic without code.

Online Sheet and Document

CubeDrive's online documents allow users to edit sheets and text documents on their browser with no other software required. Multiple people can work on one document at the same time, and every change is saved automatically.

From Excel to Online Applications

CubeDrive can also help businesses translate their existing Microsoft Excel file into robust online applications with form and flow. Customers can easily access their data from any devices.

Organize All Resources in One Place

CubeDrive helps business to put all related resources together in one place. Customers can link applications, add tasks, prepare plans, and even add formula to show dynamic information in the custom kanban. Business users can configure their project data in a perfect view with drag and drop method.

Task and Plan Management

Task management provides a quick way for the organization to manage all aspects of a task, including its status, priority, time, assignments, dependency, notifications and so on. Project plan management uses Gantt chart to illustrate a project schedule.

Bring all Business Data Together

Integrate with business existing APIs like ChatGPT, GitHub, Wind, Lenovo file box etc to sync data from teams that operate outside the system. Quickly bring all data together and build business data pipeline.

Custom Data AI Solution

Low cost to build

Drag & drop builds custom applications with 80% cost reduced, and 200% faster
Suitable for different organizations

Help more productive

Fast to build APP
Easy to update an existing APP
Meet different company requirements

Efficiently manage data

Product and data visualization
Tracking and managing enterprise data
Help companies make better decisions

Multiple devices support

Any device, anytime, anywhere
Running on the customer's server with 100% secure customer data

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