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With this commercial real estate transaction management template, business can manage the entire transaction process. Use the Contacts and Interactions forms to manage business relationships with clients, attorneys, advisors, partners, and other CRE professionals. Use the Properties table to keep track of all the listings, and all the properties clients are interested in. Use the Transactions form to manage entire deal checklist so nothing falls through the cracks. With the attachment field, business can also use this template as their document storage solution as well. And finally, with all properties in one place, business could even use this template as a single source of truth for lease administration.

Properties form

This form lists all the business properties information. User can see all the related actions for the selected property, such as: Transactions and Interactions.


Contacts form

Contact includes different type of user, such as: attorney, broker, Client, lead etc. User can see all the related actions for the selected contact, such as: Transactions and Interactions.



Transactions hold on the information about property, contacts (client, attorney), and agreement etc. This example is flexible enough so business can work exactly the way as they want to go.



Business can use Interactions to record the client daily activities of the property.