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The Tobacco Control requires a workflow and data management solution which effectively supports national and regional program activities authorized under TVPA, CCPSA and FDA. This project gives inspectors a tool to process tobacco compliance and enforcement. It also allows inspectors to plan, track and document those activities.

Use this tool to implement compliance and enforcement activities related to tobacco control. User can link activities with establishments, products and other activities. Keep the programs, associated tasks, issues, and parties organized in one place, leaving more time to devote to the organization's mission.

Login to your CubeDrive account, you can click project icon on the sidebar to start building a project with drag and drop method.

C&E Tip: User can easily view the activities on the selected regulated party.

Put all data together

Before business creates the project and put all data together, business need have the related applications created. In this example, the following applications are created:

  • Regulated party - A form includes the regulated party information.
  • C&E Tip: Regulated party is setup as the data source of Compliance and Enforcement (C&E) Activities.
  • Enforcement activities - The enforcement activity will be input into the system by the inspector and trigger the action related to it through workflow.
  • C&E Tip: Enforcement activities allow inspectors to enter enforcement information of the regulated party.
  • Verbal warnings - A form to hold the verbal warning information and its related actions.
  • Written warnings - A form to hold the written warning information and its related actions.
  • Tickets - A form to hold the ticket information and its related actions.
  • Report to crown counsel - A form to hold the report information and its related actions.
  • Industry report - A form allows the regulated party to submit their report online.

Enforcement activities

This is the form which allows inspectors to enter enforcement information. And the related workflow will trigger the actions based on the inspector input data. Business needs configure the flow and add the business logic to the application.

  • Based on the enforcement action submitted by the inspector, system will redirect the related information to the different form. Each form will have its own business logic to process the next action.
  • Push the input data to the other form in the system.

When condition met, the enforcement data will be auto pushed to the related form.


Print template setting

Business can also setup the print template and print own format PDF. After users open the form, click icon and start to enter the print template (html+CSS). You will be able to print your own way PDF. You can also click the Print Template to get the example html code, paste it to the html template area and you will be good to go.


Generate report

With all the raw data input into the system by the user, the system can also generate the report.



Inspectors can be assigned tasks based on needs. Click "Task" tab, you will be able to add tasks and plan schedule to process the activities.