Based on the customer's needs, CubeDrive provides a simple UI for the client to exchange data with different third-party APIs. The returned JSON data can be auto loaded into the form data. The 3rd-party API can be a SDK, an URL, or a restful API etc.


Read 3rd-party URL to load data

The URL result must be in JSON format. Users can configure the parameter and map JSON results to corresponding fields in the form.

    "response_code": 0,
       "asn":"UPCLOUD, FI" 

From form setting, user can configure the API connection.


Tip: user can customize the button title.


See the following description for more information

  • User needs provide detail URL
  • The pass parameter can be mapped and selected from fields.
  • The field value can be converted into specific value.
  • The REST call result must be in JSON format. And it can be mapped to form field. Example: {"response_code":0,"content":[{"data_type":"ip","machinename":"","asn":"UPCLOUD, FI"}]}.

Load data from REST APIs

In general, third-party platforms do not support anonymous access. In this case, CubeDrive needs to have API information provided by the 3rd-party. The application identity information contains the following two fields. These two fields are provided by the 3rd-party.

  • appKey - the account to access 3rd-party platform.
  • appSecret - the password to access 3rd-party platform.

CubeDrive will provide a simple REST API for each customer. Users can directly call the API according to the above configuration.