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CubeDrive provides a simple solution for the business to merge the different form data into one single sheet file. Business can merge all the required data in one place based on the customized conditions.

Summary report with online sheet

CubeDrive allows business merge the different data into once place. We are using bond data as example.

  • Manager wants to see all sale person's summary every quarter.
  • Manager wants to see all location's sale summary every quarter.
  • Sale data comes from the following forms: sale-team, group distribution, local debt, associate, resale and interest rate debt.
Tip: All sale data are linked together with the sale person.


Business need select a base form to setup the summary condition. For example:


Business selects 【Multiple forms data summary】 link to start the process.


Child form must be linked with main form in one field. In this example, we are using sale manager field which are available in base and child form.