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Health care case management is an essential service in the modern healthcare system, emphasizing patient-centered and efficient care. With the rising complexity of healthcare and the need for multidisciplinary involvement, case managers play an important role in ensuring smooth and effective care delivery.

Referral form

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Case management, particularly in healthcare, social work, and legal fields, often involves the use of referral forms. A referral form is a document that is used to refer a client or patient to another professional, service, or agency for further services that are outside the scope or expertise of the initial service provider.

CubeDrive offers a straightforward drag-and-drop method for healthcare businesses to create their customized referral forms.

A dynamic flow is attached to this Referral Form to process the following functions:

  • Confirm email: An email will be sent to the referring person to confirm the receipt of the form.
  • Notify applicant: The applicant will receive an email notification and sign the referral form.
  • Email physician: If a physician's email is provided, they will be sent a notification to sign.
  • Notify Healthcare service: The health organization will be notified the submitted form.
  • Referral review: If needed, the referee can log into the system to check on the applicant's progress..

List client cases

Healthcare client case management is a systematic approach to coordinating and providing healthcare services to individuals, often with complex medical needs or chronic conditions. It involves the assessment, planning, implementation, and evaluation of care to ensure that patients receive comprehensive and coordinated services.

CubeDrive allows the healthcare business to generate their online application with drag-and-drop method.

Double click the client information, healthcare staffs will be able to view the details of submitted client information. And [ Client status ] is used to show the process of the application.

Here lists some description of healthcare client case management:

  • Group charting: It is a practice in healthcare where multiple healthcare providers contribute to and access a single patient's medical chart or electronic health record (EHR).
  • Behavior checklist: Healthcare case managers check a list of client's behaviors and skills to provide high-quality care and support to their patients.
  • Progress of comments: In healthcare case management, progress notes or comments are essential for documenting a patient's journey, tracking their progress, and ensuring continuity of care.

Client case data analysis

Healthcare case management involves collecting and analyzing data to assess and improve patient care, track outcomes, and make informed decisions. Analyzing data in healthcare case management can help identify trends, evaluate the effectiveness of interventions, and enhance patient outcomes.

CubeDrive provides a list of tools for the business to analyze their existing data.

  • Data summary: This is a summary report generated from the data collected through forms. It can show overall trends, patterns, and other important insights.
  • Chart: This visual representation of form data makes it easier to understand and interpret the data. Charts can be line graphs, bar charts, pie charts, etc.
  • Top records in form: This feature provides a quick overview of the top performing or most common entries in the form data.
  • Statistical chart: A statistical chart is a type of graph or diagram that allows you to visually represent statistical data. It helps in identifying patterns, trends and outliers in data.
  • Inner HTML editor: This feature allows you to edit HTML content within the platform. It can be useful for customizing reports, dashboards, and other visual elements.
  • Project plan: This resource helps in planning, organizing, and managing projects. It can help track progress, manage tasks, allocate resources, and more.
  • Pivot table: A customized pivot table help healthcare service to analyze and organize their data efficiently.

Here lists the pivot table analyze based on the collected client case data.