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Donor management refers to the process of managing relationships with individuals, corporations, foundations, or government entities that donate funds or resources to a nonprofit organization, charity, or other cause. The platform simplifies the process of managing donor data and streamlines various fundraising activities. Key features of CubeDrive include:

  • Donor Management: Nonprofits can easily track and update donor profiles, including contact details, donation history, communication preferences, and any other relevant data.
  • Reporting and Analytics: CubeDrive provides robust reporting and analytics capabilities. Nonprofits can generate comprehensive reports on donation trends, campaign performance, donor engagement, and other key metrics. These insights help organizations evaluate their fundraising strategies and make data-driven decisions.
  • Integration and Customization: CubeDrive offers integrations with other popular nonprofit software and platforms, such as CRM systems, email marketing tools, and accounting software. Additionally, the platform allows for customization, enabling nonprofits to tailor the donor experience and branding to align with their organization's unique identity.
  • Communication and Engagement: CubeDrive offers tools to enhance donor communication and engagement. The platform supports email automation, allowing nonprofits to create automated email sequences based on specific triggers or donor interactions.

Create donor management application

User can login into system with your CubeDrive account. Click "+ Create Application" button to start build the application with drag and drop method or clone from the existing application. The following image shows an existing application generated as a demo.

This donor's application includes 3 tabs

  • Dashboard tab: it is a dynamic page which can be used to analyze the donor data in charts, grid, summary view based on the custom conditions.
  • Donor data tab: a grid view which shows the detail information about donor.
  • Donor calendar view tab: a calendar view to show the donor's information.

Create donor form

CubeDrive allows user to create dynamic form and application as needed. User can enter a list of fields in the form and click "Save & Publish", donor form is generated online.

The donor's data can be entered with the following ways

  • User enters the data manually from the UI interface.
  • User can map the fields and import the Excel file.
  • System can query and mapping remote data through 3rd-party APIs.
  • System can access in the customer database as needed.

Calendar view

Donor's data can be shown in calendar view. And system also provides kanban view, summary view and edit view.

Emails notification

Business can also setup email notification based on the custom configuration. Email can be scheduled and sent out daily, weekly, monthly based on the donor's different conditions.