With online Editor and ChatGPT together, it makes our company files process easily and quickly. It greatly improves our work efficiency.


Enterprise online editor

CubeDrive's editor is designed for teams to work together. The cloud-based architecture allows users to collaborate on the editor simultaneously. The editor is also compatible with Word which is convenient for customers to process their daily work quickly. Editor can be ran in the customer's server with 100% data security.

Sync edit and collaboration

Establish a ground truth for data in your online spreadsheets with easy sharing and real-time editing. Use comments and assign action items to keep analysis flowing.

Seamless integrate with ChatGPT

CubeDrive editor creates a new way to collaborate with ChatGPT. It bring a convenience way for the user to create document with the latest AI tool.

Secure Online Editor

Sync Edit

Users are able to collaborate, in real-time, on any editor. Multiple users can sync edit the file at the same time.

Lots of Features

Editor includes table, charts, formats, comments, link, chatGPT, import, export and many more.


Easily process the Q&A with the latest AI tool. Bring the organization a better way to process their daily work.

Data Security

CubeDrive provides an on-premise system running on your server. You control all of your organization data.