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All teams—be they colocated, remote, or fully distributed—can benefit from greater insight into what each of its team members is spending their time doing. One way to achieve this is via daily (or weekly) acitivites check-ins. Designed to be as lightweight as possible, this example uses a form in calendar view that team members can fill out on a regular basis, sharing their most pressing priorities, progress, and problems. Every aspect of this template is fully customizable, so if your team prefers weekly check-ins, your team members can just fill out the form every week instead.

  • Manager can see all the employee activities.
  • Employee can only view/edit their own daily activities.
  • Manager can add comments to the employee daily activities.

Daily activities form

CubeDrive allows business to create the form easily with drag and drop method. To create a form, you can login into CubeDrive Account, and Click "+ Create" button to start the process from file manager.

Tip: Employee activities can be shown in different color based on the status.

Employee daily activities is shown in calendar view for better vision.

  • Monthly
  • Month all day
  • Weekly
  • Week day

Apply business logic

After author open the form, click icon and start build application business logic. Configure the flow and add email notification.


Flow is used to automatically email the employee for the manager comments.