CubeDrive supports Enterprise AI solution for the tabular data. This comprehensive end-to-end solution encompasses all the necessary features for data connectors, data preparation, automation, and governance.

Leveraging APIs

With a low barrier to entry, businesses can make an API call to a model provided as a service, such as ChatGPT, IBM Watson, etc. However, it might not be suitable for certain enterprise applications due to potential limitations like data privacy concerns, potentially high costs, and dependencies.

Enterprise business GPT on consumer hardware

Enterprises can operate a business GPT in a business-managed environment. Businesses can choose LLMs to match the best needs. This approach ensures that organizations are not dependent on a third-party API service. Furthermore, it can provide the optimal performance for a specific use case at a much lower cost.

With CubeDrive, Become AI-Powered

CubeDrive's core mission is to enable businesses to seamlessly integrate with the latest technology. We offer support for both approaches to using Large Language Models (LLMs) in an enterprise setting, as well as an API. Our end-to-end platform provides a comprehensive framework for deploying LLMs, encompassing features such as data connectors, data preparation, automation, and governance measures.