An Enterprise AI Solution for Tabular Data is designed to empower businesses to harness the vast amounts of structured information typically stored in rows and columns, such as in spreadsheets or databases. This solution leverages advanced algorithms and machine learning models to analyze, predict, and derive insights from this type of data. Whether it's optimizing supply chain operations, predicting sales, or identifying customer trends, this solution can process large datasets efficiently, offer real-time analytics, and provide actionable business intelligence. Integrated seamlessly into an enterprise's workflow, it transforms tabular data into a strategic asset, driving smarter decision-making and competitive advantage.

AI Search

CubeDrive provides an advanced tool that enables businesses to seamlessly search, retrieve, and analyze structured information typically found in tables, such as those in databases or spreadsheets. The following shows the example.

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The following lists some example search

  • Show me all the data
  • Show me the records that Order Date is this year.
  • Get the total count that Region contains test.
  • Get all records that Region contains New York.
  • Get all records that Quantity is greater than 1
  • Give me the sum of total price which Order Date is this year

AI Predict

Beyond the searches, AI capabilities include understanding context, recognizing patterns, and even predicting future trends based on historical data. By integrating this solution, enterprises can significantly enhance their data accessibility and utilization, ensuring that every piece of data, no matter how deeply embedded in tables, is easily reachable and actionable.