Ontario's government provides multiple Excels file about Covid19 daily. With CubeDrive, user can easily convert those Excels file into charts, makes the data visualization easier, styles the data with colorful charts and graphs.

covid data

COVID-19 data analyze with Charts

This following charts are generated based on two Excel files which were provided on April 21, 2021. Import the Excels files into the system and process some setting, user can see the data analyze with different charts. From the charts, the following information can be easily concluded:

  • People aged 50-60 are the most vulnerable to the Covid19.
  • Women are 30% more likely to be infected than men.
  • The fatal rate of COVID-19 in Ontario's is 5.65%.
  • Based on the number of infected people in Ontario, Covid19 can be controlled。

Data analyze the Excel file

Based on the form data, a list of data analyze can be processed as needed.

covid data

If you have Excel file which need to be analyzed, please following the steps to process 【Help document】。

  • Login system.
  • From file management, user can select [Excel to online form], follow the steps to import Excel file.
  • In the form setting, user can select the chart type which can be used for data analyze.
  • Share and access from your browser.