Our company's daily data collection efficiency has greatly improved with CubeDrive's dynamic form and flow system.


Building dynamic forms

CubeDrive allows customers to create forms dynamically using the drag and drop. User can add custom fields, generate page layouts, and apply data filters to the form. Customers use the form to process their daily business activities. More...

Building dynamic flows

By using the drag and drop, CubeDrive allows users to create custom workflow interactively. CubeDrive's flow builder helps customers to easily implement their business logic without code.

Building dynamic application

Through configurations, customers can quickly create the application based on the users needs. An application includes various user-defined resources, such as: forms, charts, tasks, plans, html page and many more. Application builders allow users to connect different resources together with ease.

Data access with APIs

CubeDrive's API can be used to establish a link between CubeDrive and an existing customer system. CubeDrive's API is based on RESTful service, which provides an interface that allows customers to communicate with an already existing systems easily.

CubeDrive helps business to process daily activities quickly

Create Form

Drag and drop to create application,
Import or add data quickly

Add Workflow

Drag and drop to create workflow
Apply business logic in your way


Share to the organization, data filter
Track the process, review and approve

Data Analysis

Analyze trends and bottlenecks
Measure your data in details