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A Group Volunteer Application is a specific type of application process designed for groups of individuals who wish to volunteer together. This is often used by organizations and events that require or can accommodate multiple volunteers at the same time.

Here lists some general requirements:

  • Ability for the organization to create and manage individual volunteer activities online that individual users can self-register to the position.
  • Ability for the application to automatically track registrations to an activity, to display the current number of positions remaining.
  • Automatic email functionality to confirm the registration.
  • Ability to automatically stop registration to an activity once it's full, BUT leave the activity visible online for reference
  • Ability for users to unregister and re-register themselves (if we are allowed to ask them to create accounts).
  • Ability for organization to analyze online, and export data on users, activities, and registrations in Excel
  • Application automatically shows activity summary cards which lead to a separate page with the full activity description and register button
  • Activities can be categorized so users can use filters to find specific kinds of opportunities.
  • Automatic reminder email are sent before the activity's start date.

Create the applications

User can login into system with your CubeDrive account. Click "+ Create Application" button to start build the application with drag and drop method or clone from the existing application. The following image shows an existing application generated as a demo.

Community volunteer opening form

Organizations can add the required fields to create a Community Volunteer Opening form. In this example, it includes a list of fields such as available positions, status, categories, attachments, etc.

Tip: once the ""Available Positions" reach 0, the "Apply the activity" button will be gone automatically and user will not be able to apply the position.

Apply the activity

User can click "Apply the activity" button to apply the position. An email will be notified to the user once data is submitted.

The related workflows are triggered, and a list of actions is processed upon submission of the data.

An example email notification shows below.

Tip: user can click Cancel button to un-register the position at any time.

Email reminder

Users can set up a daily job through which email reminders can be sent out based on custom configurations. For example, this could include sending reminders 2 days before the start date.


Overall, group volunteering is a valuable way for teams to contribute to their communities, learn new skills, and strengthen their bonds. It requires effective coordination and management to ensure a beneficial experience for both the volunteers and the organization.

CubeDrive CRM offers a quick and easy way for organizations to build their own group volunteer applications.