CubeDrive's manuscript system facilitates journal's peer review activity. All peer review activity is recorded within the system, from submission to decision. It creates a professional digital platform for authors and reviewers.

CubeDrive allows customers to create manuscript dynamically using the drag and drop. User can add custom fields, generate page layouts, and apply data filters to the manuscript. Customers use the form to process their daily business activities. Here lists the basic requirements:

  • All user actions must have historical records
  • The main documents and supporting documents uploaded by the author need to be automatically merged into a PDF file.
  • After the author uploaded the documents and filled in the author/fund information, system needs to provide a summary preview to confirm the submission.
  • The associated editor can see the opinions of each reviewer, system need provide a way to merge all opinions together which will also be sent to the author.
  • The administrator has two options for review the manuscript: unsubmit and checklist complete.
  • The administrator and editor-in-chief can see the process of all manuscripts, the associated editor can see the process of their assigned manuscripts.
  • The title of email notifications must have a manuscript ID, the user can click it to process the manuscript's action.
  • After the administrator checks the manuscript and click checklist complete, the system will send an email to notify the editor-in-chief.
  • The associate editor reviews the manuscript and invites reviewers to process review.
  • The associate editor received all reviewer's review, summarized and sent them to the author. System send the email to notify author re-submit the revision within 4 weeks. The modified version R1 will start.
  • The author submits completed revised manuscripts via the link. The system automatically generates a new version Rx.

Create the manuscript system

User can also login into your CubeDrive account. Click "+ Create Form" button to start build a form with drag and drop method. Enter a list of fields in the form and click "Save & Publish", your form is generated online.

  • New manuscript
  • My submitted manuscripts
  • My reviews as referee
  • Review manuscripts
  • Calendar view
  • KPRs

Submission and approval

Submission and Approval are the main pages of the platform. The platform can set the permissions of different user, including: author, editor-in-chief, associate editor, reviewers, managers and editorial board members, etc. Through page configuration, people with different permissions can access different data on the platform.

Author Submit, revise, and resubmit; view manuscript status and progress; quickly connect and aggregate all submissions
Administrator Review all cover letters and records, manage all files associated with the submitted manuscripts.
Editor-in-chief Assign the associate editor to the selected manuscript, provide final comments based on the suggestions of the associate editor and/or reviewers.
Associate editor Associate editor can invite reviewers, and provides the final decision.
Reviewers Process the review for the assigned manuscript.

The following is the list view and flow process, administrators can drag and drop to modify it. Manuscript data is transferred according to the flow.



Author submits the manuscript

Authors can log into the system and submit manuscripts. Authors only have access to a portion of the manuscript's data (configured by the administrator). For example: Manuscript Title, Abstract, Attachments, etc., and some fields are read-only.

flow Administrator can define the author access fields in the design page. Page layout lets business configure the access fields as needed.

Administrator process manuscript checklist

Administrator follows the checklist to check manuscript. Manuscript will be transfered to Editor-in-chief if it meets the rules.


Editor-in-chief choose the associate editor

Associate editor get notification when EIC assigns the manuscript to him/her.


Associate editor selects reviewers

Associate editor selects reviewers and setup the due date. The reviewers get notified and process the review.


Associate editor makes decision

Associate editor makes the decision based on the reviewer's comments, at the same time the decision letter is auto generated with the related template.


Data analyze

Administrator can process data analyze for the existing data.


More about manuscript

Help more productive

Easily to process the new
manuscript requirements.

Efficiently manage data

Customer can access their data
easily and efficiently.

Data Analysis

Custom charts
for the manuscript data

Data Securities

Premise cloud and
business control their own data