Reserve Fund Study

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A reserve fund is used to pay for major repairs and replacements to the condominium’s common elements. A portion of the owner’s monthly common expenses fee is deposited into the reserve fund every month. The reserve fund is intended to ensure that the corporation has enough money to pay for future repairs.

This application can be combined with Excel to online applications.

Reserve fund study program

A reserve fund study determines how much money needs to be in the fund to ensure the repairs can be paid for in the future. The reserve fund study must be prepared by a specialist, like an engineer. CubeDrive helps the engineer prepare the reserve fund study online with ease.


Login to the CubeDrive account, and the manager can click the project icon on the sidebar to start building the reserve fund study with a drag and drop method. See the following example for details.


Put all data together

Before you create the project and put all data together, you need have the related applications created. In this example, the following forms are created:

  • Condo list - A from includes all the required condominium information for Reserve Fund Study.
  • Mechanical system - List all mechanical costs for the different items.
  • Civil architectural - List all civil architectural costs for the different items.
  • Electrical system - List all electrical costs for the different items.

Data mining

With all raw data input into the system by the engineers, the system will be able to generate the Reserve Fund Study result.


Click the "Generate report" button, the system will extract the related information from applications and generate an online spreadsheet with customer required format for future reference. Customers may also export it as a MS Excel file.



You can acess all of your project information from a mobile device.

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