Employee timesheet

This case gives a quick application for employee to submit their daily timesheet online.

  • For any submit, manager need approve the timesheet.
  • System need remember employee some last submitted information.
  • Employee will receive email notification if submitted data is rejected.
  • Once submitted data is approved, it need to be set as disable for change.

Create form

Login to the CubeDrive site. Click "+ Create Form" button to start build a form. Enter a list of fields in the form and click "Create form link", a form is generated online. If you are system administrator, you can also auto generate form from copied json data in the admin console page.


Create workflow

After you open the form, click icon and start build application business logic. Configure the flow and add purchase logic to the system.


Data flow and approve

You can acess your form, track the process and approve the result throught email or mobile device.

form       form       form

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