Enforcement: written warnings

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When non-compliances are observed, possible enforcement actions, ranging from warning letters to prosecution are considered based on a variety of factors including compliance history, severity of the non-compliance, etc. Once inspectors submit the form which includes the written warnings, the warning data will be generated and inserted into this form. Inspector can print the PDF for further reference.

Create form

You can click template to view the written warnings form. You can also login in your CubeDrive account. Click "+ Create Form" button to start build a form with drag and drop method. Enter a list of fields in the form and click "Save & Publish", your form is generated online.


Apply workflow

After you open the form, click icon and start build application business logic. Configure the flow and add your business logic to the application.

Print template setting

You can setup the print template and print your own format PDF. After you open the form, click icon and start to enter the print template (html+CSS). You will be able to print your own way PDF. You can also click the Print Template to get the example html code, paste it to the html template area and you will be good to go.


Click and see the Print PDF Example which was generated in this case.

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