Lab data management

 Keywords: Lab data; Workflow; Dynamic form

CubeDrive provides tools which allow lab managers to create dynamic form-based applications and apply business logic with workflow in a fast way. It allows lab to collect data, analyze data, track data and automatic report preparation in a powerful and intuitive way. CubeDrive allows lab to collaborate their data with anyone, from anywhere, on any device.


Create dynamic form

Dynamic forms are the foundation to handle the complexity of lab data. Cubedrive Form Designer provides a simple and intuitive interface to create dynamic forms easily. It is easy to get your forms up and running in no time; no programming is required.


Data communication

Lab data can be submitted, importted into the form. Data can also be injected into the system through form APIs.

  • Data can be imported with Excel or CSV format.
  • Customer existing 3rd-party can call form APIs to inject their data into the form.
  • A plugin can even create a job to query customer existing 3rd-party data in your server. Our developers will work with your to make this part work as required.
  • Sensor data can be collected and injected into the system.

Apply business logic with workflow

CubeDrive workflow is used to automate the business process and add customer's data-driven decisions to the application.

  • Customer defines steps/rules that comprise a work process
  • Drag and drop to automate customer business processes
  • Manipulate data process based on the customized rules

Data analysis, track, approve and touch

Lab can acess their forms, track the process and approve the results easily with the CubeDrive platform. Lab can also analyze and collaborate their data with powerful and intuitive Excel-like functionality.