Class management

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As a manager in the school, you need a simple and intuitive program management tool to free up more workforce to focus on developing and implementing a quality project. CubeDrive helps school managers to put all related information in one place. It brings the manager a skyview for the class with a drag and drop method.

Class project

Login to your CubeDrive account, you can click project icon on the sidebar to start building a project with drag and drop method.


Put all data together

Before you create the project and put all data together, you need to have the related applications created. In this example, the following applications are created:

  • Class application - an application includes the class information
  • Student - the students attending this class.
  • Payment - the student's payment information.
  • Teacher - the teacher who is involved in this class.

Click "Edit flow", you can start to build the project with all forms linked together. Drag and drop the shape from the side bar, you can link the shape to the existing form, set the element properties, and setup the conditions.

Add condition to the form

In order to display more information in the element, you can add the condition to the form.


You can add icons, set background colors, set text colors, append text to the form etc. Furthermore, you can even add formulas to show dynamic information in the project.


To see more details for each component, you can click the link in the node and the related form is opened for view.

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