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This application gives landlords a quick tool to manage their property's and tenant's information online. Tenant can fill the pre-approved payment, sign the agreement and receive the agreement online. Whether the landlord is investing in single home or developing multi-family apartments, this real estate investment project is the perfect way to keep everything organized.

This template provides the following requirements:

  • Business can register their properties, tenants, agreements and pre-approved payment form online.
  • Tenant and landlord can sign the agreement online, and the agreement can be printed/emailed with PDF format.

Create the property form

User can click the Template to auto generated the application. User can also login into your CubeDrive account. Click "+ Create Form" button to start build a form with drag and drop method. Enter a list of fields in the form and click "Save & Publish", your form is generated online.

From the property form, business can easily access it's related tenants and agreements information.

Create the tenant form

A tenant form is used for store the tenant's information. It includes:

  • The tenant status, rent start and end data, rented property etc.
  • The tenant's signed agreement and pre-Authorized payment form.

Create the agreement form

A tenant agreement form is used to sign the agreement between tenant and landlord. A flow is attached to this form to process signature. A pdf template is also added for the generate the agreement in PDF format.


After the user enter the information, the business flow will be auto triggered and process the agreement.

  • Send out email notifications when customer submits a new agreement.
  • If tenant and landlord signed the agreement online, a PDF agreement will be sent to tenant with email.
  • Tenant can sign the agreement online.
flow Business can click the icon and start to build application business logic. Users can configure the flow and add business logic to the system.

Business can setup the agreement template and print their own format PDF. After you open the form, click icon and start to enter the print template (html+CSS). You will be able to print your own way agreement. You can also click the Agreement Template to get the example HTML code, paste it to the HTML template area and you will be good to go.


See the Agreement Example which was generated in this case.

Create the pre-Authorized payment form

Business can use this application to collect the pre-Authorized information, define their own template, and export PDF format for reference.