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Issuing bonds is one way for companies to raise money. Companies need have an underwriter help them to sell bonds. An underwriter is a firm, or group of firms, that purchases bonds directly from a bond issuer and resells them to investors. Underwriters are intermediaries between bond issuers and investors. CubeDrive provides a simple solution for the underwriter to issue their bond smoothly.


Here lists the steps for the issue bonds process

  • Underwriter generates the bond issuance form.
  • Sale manager creates the bond record by query 3rd-party database.
  • Sale managers enter the investor information on bookkeeping file from the template (online sheet format). This can be sync edit and viewed by different managers online.
  • Sale manager converts the bookkeeping information into online form once the investor information are entered correctly.
  • The latest sheet file is auto converted into Excel file and transferred to the 3rd-party fileBox for reference.
  • Auto generate investor's payment data from the investor's bookkeeping information.
  • Generate different data views and reports.

Create the bond information

Using CubeDrive, administrator can drag and drop to create a bond form which includes all the necessary information about bonds.


Now sale manager can enter the bond information or upload the bonds to the system. In general, the bond information are already saved in the 3rd-party system. CubeDrive allows business call 3rd-party to access the bond information quickly.

Tip: In the form setting, business can setup the 3rd-party connection information and map the fields as needed.

Sale managers sync edit investor's bookkeeping information

In general, sale managers enter investor's information in the Excel and shared among team members. CubeDrive allows them to sync edit those information with online spreadsheet. Multiple sale managers can view/edit the investor information. Based on the existing template, sale managers with right permission can quick fill the investor's data.

Tip: this sheet template file includes a list of formula and condition management which come from the Excel file.

Convert investor information from sheet to form data

Once sale managers finish enter the investor information, it can be converted into form file which is attached to the bond. The following setup is configured to process this.

Tip: Open form setting and go to "Form fields setting", business will be able configure this.
Tip: This form data is attached to the bond which will be used for payment. At the same time, an Excel file is also pushed to the remote fileDisk as configured.

Generate payment notification

From the existing bookkeeping information, business can auto generate the payment notification. In the payment tab, user can process the investor's pay.

Tip: Click "Initialize data" button, the investor's payment data will be auto generated from the bookkeeping form (original come from the online sheet).

Payment tab is a master-detail form. A editor template is setup, and it is used for export WORD file. In general, sale manager downloads the payment report for each investor, it will be stamped and uploaded in here. A flow will be triggered to send out the email notification respectively.


Manager can export the investor payment notification as MS Word for stamp.


Report: data summary with pivot table

Through configure, a pivot table summary can be generated. For example, business can choose Sale Manager/type and group to generate the summary data.

Tip: In the form page, business can select ... and choose "Data group summary (Pivot table)" to process configure.

Report: publish plan

Business can configure and generate an online editor as publish plan.

Tip: In the form page, business can select WORD icon and configure the result which will be exported as an online editor.

Data analyze

Business can process charts and other summary solution as needed.