CubeDrive platform lets organization easily drag and drop to create the timesheet application. It is used to verify and approve the employee timesheet.

The benefits of timesheet application

With the timesheet application created, employee can easily submit their timesheet online and get approved quickly.

  • Employee can enter their weekly or monthly timesheet online.
  • Once submitted, the manager will receive email notification and approve the timesheet on any devices.
  • HR will receive the email notification with PDF attached automatically.
  • Organization can track the flow data and custom the PDF template.

Create the timesheet application

You can login into your CubeDrive account. Click "+ New Application" button to start build the timesheet application with drag and drop method. Enter a list of fields in the form and click "Save & Publish", timesheet is generated online.

Tip: In this form, daily work hour is a inner table which allows the user to enter their daily timesheet.

Create workflow to process the approval

Once employee submits the data. It needs to be sent to manager to approval. The flow is used to process data transfer. You can open the form, click icon and start to add application business logic by configure the flow.

  • Send out email notifications when employees submit the timesheet.
  • If the timesheet is approved by the manager, an email notification will be sent out to the HR with PDF attached.
  • Once the purchase is approved, the record will be set to read only.
Tip: In the flow, you need make it Enabled to active the flow.

Data track and print template

Organization can access the application, track the process and setup the print template. Manager can approve the timesheet on mobile device easily.