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Volunteer management refers to the processes and strategies that nonprofit organizations, charities, community groups, and other entities use to effectively engage, direct, and retain volunteers. It encompasses a wide range of activities, from recruitment to training, supervision, and recognition of volunteers. Effective volunteer management is essential for organizations that rely on volunteer labor to fulfill their mission and maintain their operations.

Fill the volunteer application

CubeDrive CRM provides a drag-n-drop method for the business to build the volunteer application. Businesses logs into the system to create the volunteer application, and users can fill out the application to apply for positions.

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Dynamic volunteer status management

The volunteer management system uses a series of statuses to track the progress and state of a volunteer's application and involvement. Here's some of the status:

  • Pending: This status is automatically set when a volunteer submits an application. It indicates that the application is awaiting review.
  • Approved/Matched: After a volunteer submits an application, the related coordinator is notified. The coordinator can then mark the case as Approved/Matched. This triggers an email to the volunteer to proceed with required document checks.
  • Uploaded Doc: Volunteers can upload required documents (like police records checks) via email. The system automatically updates the status to "Uploaded Doc" after the volunteer submits these documents.
  • Mandatory Check Done: This status is set after the coordinator verifies couple of key components.
  • Assigned Position: This status is automatically set once a position is assigned to the volunteer, indicating they have a specific role.
  • Not Matched: Coordinators can change the status to "Not Matched" from "Pending" if the volunteer doesn't fit any available positions.
  • Leave a Program: If a volunteer decides to leave a program, coordinators can fill out a section with the reason for leaving, and the system will automatically update the status to "Leave a Program."
  • Closed: This status indicates that the volunteer's case is completed or closed.

Each of these statuses helps in effectively managing and tracking the journey of a volunteer from application to assignment and potential exit. It ensures that all necessary checks and balances are in place for a smooth and efficient volunteer management process.

Volunteer statuses are created by users through a form and flow process, and additional statuses can be added easily as required..

Volunteer's kanban view

In kanban view, business can easily view the volunteer information.


End-user can double click the item and open to view the detail information.


Event's calendar view

In calendar view, business can easily enter the event information and linked to programs and sites.


End-user can double click the item and open to view the event detail information. It is connected to volunteer, programs and sites.


Event site's grid view

Business can also View/Edit the site information in Grid view.


Program's edit view

Business can direct update the program in Edit view.

Tip: program can be linked to the events as the business needed.