A waiver is the voluntary relinquishment or surrender of some known right or privilege. This case shows how to quickly build a waiver form which must be completed for each soccer player (participant) and, if the player is under 18-years old, must be signed by the player’s parent or legal guardian.

  • Soccer team administrator creates a form with waiver information.
  • Player or guardian fills the form and sign the waiver.
  • Player or guardian receives the confirm notification from system.
  • Team administrator checks the results and prints PDF for the future reference.

Create form

User can click Invoice Management Template to auto generated the invoice management application. User can also login into your CubeDrive account. Click "+ Create Form" button to start build a form with drag and drop method. Enter a list of fields in the form and click "Save & Publish", your form is generated online.


Apply workflow

After user open the form, click icon and start build application business logic. Configure the flow and add email notification to the application.


This simple flow is used for notify customer once an invoice is generated. So customer can view and print the invoice online if needs.

Touch, PDF print and access

User can access form from mobile phone. Administrator can print the waiver in PDF format, export data as an Excel file for the future reference.


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