CubeDrive Spreadsheet

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If you are familiar with Google Sheets or MS Excel, you will feel right at home with CubeDrive spreadsheet. CubeDrive Spreadsheet is an online spreadsheet-like and human-friendly relational database. It makes customer data visualization easier, styles their data with colorful charts and graphs. Its Excel-like functions, build-in formulas, table templates, cell styles, validations, number formats, and conditional features save time and easily interpret our customer big data.

Here are a few specific things you can do:

  • Editing and formatting cells.
  • Add conditions, validations, number formats, custom formats etc. to the selected data range.
  • Supports different kinds of FORMULAS.
  • Supports cross sheet reference.
  • Conditional formatting, auto-fill, filter and split spreadsheet.
  • Import from csv, xlsx file and export as xlsx files.
  • Multiple worksheet support.
  • Create pie, bar, column chart and Sparklines chart from the selected data range.
  • Supports a list of function hotkeys.
  • Works with different browsers like Firefox, Chrome, and Internet Explorer.
  • Sync edit.


table conditions groups

chart formula format


Sync edit

CubeDrive spreadsheet also support sync edit. Multiple users can work together in the same sheet at the same time.


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